10 Healthy Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight this Christmas and New Year

The end of the year is approaching. Although the year has not been easy for most of the world, the truth is that we can still celebrate a little in our homes. Celebrations, lights, and food characterize the holiday season. It is a stage of the year where food is the order of the day, so we usually neglect our diet and gain weight.

If confinement has left you a few extra pounds and you have decided to exercise and start a diet, here are some recommendations that will help you achieve your goal.

1) Get physically active while you work. Try to take 3 walks of 10 minutes a day during your workday. This will help you exercise and prevent calories and fat from building up in your body.

2) Try to discard the ultra caloric dishes of your holiday parties. It is better to eat fruits and whole wheat muffins.

3) Watch your diet while you work. Take a vegetable soup with you. It will satisfy your hunger and give you fiber.

4) Avoid eating lots of sweets because certain types can make you gain weight. Replace them with fruits or vegetables. It is healthier and less harmful.

5) For every meal you eat away from home during the holidays, balance it with home-cooked meals for the rest of the week, where you can control the calories.

6) Avoid skipping meals. This can make you gain calories because you will eat anything and in excess when you feel hungry. Therefore, if you are away from home, take fiber bars to give you a maximum of 100 calories.

7) If you practice any exercise continuously, try to increase your routine by 10 or 15 minutes to burn the calories and fat that are excess.

8) Do not deprive yourself of Christmas dishes. Eat them in moderation. Help yourself to a sample plate, that is, a little of everything but not excess.

9) If you are the host of a Christmas celebration, do not overcook, as this means overeating.

10) Avoid beverages with high caloric content such as soda, replace them with natural water or fruit, and do not overindulge in alcoholic beverages.

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