5 Exercises to Lose Weight Without Using Gym Equipment

To lose weight, there is no secret: you must eat healthy and be active! Only you lack the time and motivation to go to the gym? Do not panic, there are simple exercises without equipment, devilishly effective to refine your silhouette. Here are five best exercises to do at home and lose weight.


The burpee is one of the most complete weight loss exercises. Another advantage, it uses most of the muscles of the body: thighs, arms, back, abs, chest, arms … if you had to choose only one movement to build muscle and slim you, it would undoubtedly be this one!

How to do it:
1. Start the exercise by standing up, then squat down and put your hands down on the floor.
2. Stretch your legs backward so that you are in the same position as if you were doing a push-up.
3. In straight leg position, remember to tighten your abdominals to avoid hurting your back.
4. Then quickly bring your feet back to your hands by performing a short jump (you will find yourself in the squatting position) then stand up.

There are many variations of burpees: some perform it with a final jump to get up, others put their torso on the ground after getting into a push-up position… But the initial version will already be sufficient to effectively burn many fats.

2.Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is a very effective cardio exercise to burn calories and thus refine your figure. In addition, this movement will allow you to strengthen your legs, arms, and abdominals.

How to make a mountain climber
1. Position yourself facing the floor on your toes and resting on your hands. You are then in the push-up position.
2. Move the left knee forward like you are in a starting block. The right leg should remain straight.
3. Bounce to alternate the position of your feet: the left leg goes into a straight position and the right is bent.
4. The goal is to alternately bring one knee and then the other forward as quickly as possible.

More difficult: jump by bringing both knees at the same time.

3.The Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack is a simple but very effective exercise to burn fat and fight against cellulite. It also helps to strengthen the lower back, shoulders, and especially all of the legs.

How to do a “jumping jack”

1. Get into a standing position, straight with your feet together.
2. Perform a jump with your legs and arms apart. Your arms should then meet above your head.
3. Return to the starting position by performing a new jump which will tighten your legs and bring your arms back to your body.

There are many variations of jumping jacks. For example, you can perform half jumping jacks (the hands are then only brought up to shoulder height and not above the head) or even plank jumping jacks (in the push-up position, you must spread your legs and bring them back. as quickly as possible).

Be careful, however, because of the repeated shocks this exercise should be avoided if you are very overweight or if you suffer from joints (knee and ankles).


The front lounge is a basic exercise to build muscle and refine without equipment. Very simple in appearance, it remains relatively technical. This exercise will allow you, in addition to weight loss, to strengthen your thighs and buttocks for a long time. So many advantages!

How to properly lunge forward
1. Stand up, spread your legs your pelvis width apart, and place your hands on your hips.
2. Take a big step forward and bend until your front knee reaches an angle of 90 ° (take maximum support on your heel). Your back leg should stay aligned to the ground while resting on your toe.
3. Push vigorously on your front leg to return to your starting position, then repeat the exercise by changing legs.

If you want to burn calories and eliminate cellulite, go for skipped lunges. These simply consist of performing jumps instead of alternate steps.


Another perfect workout if you want to lose weight and tone your glutes and thighs. The main reason why the “ 30 Days Squat Challenge ” became successful.

How to do a squat?
1. While standing, extend your arms in front of you and your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Bend your legs until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Your buttocks should be back with your body weight resting on your heels, and you should always keep your back straight. Also, remember to look far ahead.
3. Push up on your legs to regain your starting position and repeat the movement several times.

Just like lunges, there is a jump version of squats, which is even more effective at burning calories and refining your figure. Be careful, however, this variant is to be avoided if you are overweight or have a weak back and joints.

There you have it, you now know 5 very effective exercises to lose wight without equipment. It’s your turn!

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