5 Amazing Themes to Customize Your Android Phone

Are you tired of your phone background? Would you like to personalize your Android phone and give it a new and different touch? If you are thinking of applying an aesthetic change to revitalize your smartphone, you may want to look at the following free customization themes for Android (commonly known as themes). When you try some Android themes and change the desktop background, they will also renew the appearance of the icons, and even the keyboard in some cases.

Most of the themes in Google Play are designed to work with certain launchers, so if you like any of the following themes and want to apply it on your device, keep in mind that we will also have to install its corresponding in some cases launcher. Once the theme is installed, it will automatically redirect us to the launcher installation.

Here are the top 5 themes to customize your Android phone.

SLT Ubuntu

This theme developed for Smart Launcher, and once installed, it will customize our desktop and icons to give it that characteristic Ubuntu style. Very interesting, the vertical icon bar, by the way. This smells like Linux!STL Ubuntu style

Themes for Huawei / Honor

With this descriptive name, this application of themes for Android mobiles from the manufacturer, Huawei, and Honor, is presented. It includes several customization options: from wallpapers, through custom icon packs, fonts, dark mode, emojis, and much more.Huawei honor themes

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

This app from Custom Industries is the perfect application for those who want to create their own live wallpapers (moving or changing wallpapers ). It has an editor with a lot of templates and tools to create a 100% custom wallpaper. If you still wish to go one step further, you can also install the Kustom Widget Maker (same developer) to create our own custom widgets.KLWP live wallpaper

Technology Launcher Theme

This theme is compatible with the CMM launcher and offers custom design with tech-themed wallpapers and a good handful of matching icons. It has 3D transitions and a custom lock screen.technology mobile theme

Dragon Magic Game Totem

We end with a theme developed by Best Android Themes Workshop for the C Launcher. This theme includes a wallpaper, an icon pack, and some configuration settings to leave everything to our liking.dragon C launcher theme

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