6 Tips to Avoid Redness After Workout

The skin acts as a protective barrier against all the different aggressions. It represents the heaviest organ in the human body. It signals good health, but it also reflects the dysfunctions and disorders that affect your body. It is normal for redness to appear after exercise, but you can fix it.

You should know that having redness on the skin after exertion and physical exercise is a normal phenomenon. This means that you have worked, but also that you are in good health. However, some people find them annoying. You can mitigate them with a few tips.

Stretch after workout

Stretching at the end of a workout can reduce muscle soreness and relax the muscles in the body and lower your body temperature. The vessels then eventually retract, and the redness in the face naturally subsides.

Indeed, it is by activating the blood circulation and increasing the supply of oxygen to the skin that it ends up reddening. The influx of blood dilates the blood vessels so that the heat can escape. This is when the sweat glands wake up, you sweat, and your temperature regulates. Face redness goes away quickly in some people and lasts in others.

However, there are ways to avoid them.

Two steps to limit redness

  • Avoid makeup during your sports session and, in particular, foundation, which, when combined with sweat, can irritate. If you really want to put on make-up, opt for treatments specially adapted to the effort.
  • To regulate your temperature, train in a well-ventilated area and with a temperature neither too hot nor too cold. Take a thermal water spray to refresh you regularly if you have redness easily and in summer. This slightly reduces this phenomenon.

During outdoor training

Protect your skin from the effects of UV rays with a cream with an SPF index in summer. This prevents sunburn, causing lasting redness this time.

The choice of clothes

Sportswear today is very technical and allows good perspiration wicking. They are perfect because you are less hot, and your temperature can be regulated more easily. As soon as you have finished your session, a good shower and a good face cleansing calm the redness, which diminishes more quickly. The shower needs to be cool to get a real result.

Once your face is well cleansed, put a little thermal water or a tonic to soothe this redness more quickly. Pat dry, rubbing, you risk accentuating them even more.

This last piece of advice is also valid during workout sessions to reduce any irritation.

A moisturizing and soothing cream

Immediately after working out, take advantage of this moment when your skin is in the best condition to receive care by applying a moisturizing and soothing cream or serum. If your face remains red and you have dinner or come back to work, skin tone correction will help. Put on a specific corrector, a BB cream, CC cream, or a light foundation to even out your complexion and hide your redness.

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