7 Cool Apple Products Coming Out in 2022

While Apple recently unveiled several of its new products, fans are eagerly awaiting the brand’s next products. So what is the Cupertino-based company preparing for us in 2022?

Mac mini

Last year, Apple brought us its first Mac mini M1. This is a great computer, but the company is now preparing an improved version of it. The US tech giant is developing a new and improved Mac mini with enhanced performance. This model will go on sale in 2022 with a compact design and an M1 Pro or M1 Max chip.

MacBook Air

The Mac mini will be followed by the new version of MacBook Air, which will be extra powerful and sleek than the previous generation. It looks like its elegance lies in its white bezels and keyboard, as well as its “flat” design. In doing so, the manufacturer is going to offer the same color solutions as in the iMac 2021. In addition, the MacBook Air will also have its standout MagSafe charger, a notch in the screen, an M2 processor, and a larger display. This product is expected to launch around mid-2022.

Apple Pencil 3

According to rumors, Apple is creating a third-generation “pencil” with a redesigned design. Naturally, the stylus will literally have all sorts of useful functions, of which the Force Touch technology can be highlighted.

New processors

At the very beginning, when Apple just announced that it was starting to develop its own chipset, many hoped that Apple would release a special chip for the Mac Pro (the most powerful processor the company has ever produced). However, this has not happened yet, although there are rumors that Apple is still preparing two Mac Pro models with a 40-core chipset and a 128-core video accelerator.

iPhone SE 5G

If you love this smartphone, you will definitely like this information. The new iPhone SE will reportedly feature a 4.7-inch LCD screen similar to the iPhone 8, an extra powerful processor, and support for 5G networks. We also expect the display to lose its famous “bangs”, and the camera to move directly to the buttonhole. There are suspicions that the iPhone SE 5G will not be released earlier than 2023.

AirPods Pro 2

As you know, Apple at the October event presented only a “simple” model of headphones and postponed the presentation of a more “advanced” version for next year. There are rumors that the new generation of AirPods Pro will have a compact design very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Google Pixel Buds. This means that the manufacturer has decided to completely do away with the so-called “legs”. In addition, this model will receive a new chip and will have improved sound.

iMac Pro

Recently, Apple discontinued the most affordable iMac Pro (21.5-inch) with Intel chipsets. Next year, the American technology giant will continue to release this model, but with a larger screen size and its own “crystal” – it will be the M1 Pro, Apple M1 Max, or the same 40-core chip that we have already talked about.

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