Differences Between Black Garlic and White Garlic

In recent years, black garlic has become quite popular due to its medicinal properties. If garlic is already considered a vegetable that can bring different benefits to your body, this variant stands out even more for everything it can do for your health. Today, we will tell you about the differences between black garlic and white garlic, and the benefits of each one so that you can take advantage of them and introduce them into your diet.

What is black garlic?

The first thing to know is that this type of garlic is the result of a process of aging control given to the white garlic. This variety of garlic is not a variety different from the plant we know. As its name indicates, it has an intense dark color, as well as a very noticeable change in its texture and flavor, compared to white garlic. The most characteristic of this variety is that the intense and pungent flavor disappears once you subject it to the process that turns it into black garlic.

Black garlic has a soft texture and tastes quite sweet. This is because the content in sugars increases considerably after subjecting it to the process of aging, during which you can control factors like humidity or temperature to achieve change in garlic. It is these new characteristics that make it a much kinder variety of garlic on the palate, as well as quite healthy.

Properties of white garlic

This plant is known for its properties, like the fight against respiratory infections, dilation of the bronchi, stimulation of the immune system, and its cardioprotective qualities. It also has certain anticancer characteristics that are still reasons for research. white garlic benefits

Properties of black garlic

For its part, black garlic stands out for its antioxidant properties, which can delay cellular aging, as well as the action of different toxic compounds. In turn, black garlic can stimulate a great antimicrobial activity in your body, fighting different bacteria and fungi, thus avoiding infections.

The aging process in garlic improves its effect against cardiovascular diseases since it can be of great help for blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. As if that were not enough, it will also help you control cholesterol levels. Both options are quite healthy and you can introduce them into your daily diet.

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