Fever in Children: What Are the Causes and How to Measure It?

Fever is a fairly common reaction of the children’s immune system and is one of the most frequent reasons parents ask for a pediatric visit. Find out how to measure your baby’s rise in body temperature with digital thermometers.

Causes of Fever in Children

Fever is an increase in core body temperature above normal limits. According to the World Health Organization, the temperature is considered normal up to 37.5°C. Body temperature can vary from person to person, throughout the day. The body temperature can be higher on some occasions, for example, during sleep, immediately after meals, after exertion, or in case of excessive heating of the environment.

Fever is the most common symptom of most infections. It is a system used by the body as a defense tool because raising its temperature makes the environment inhospitable for the life of viruses and bacteria.

How to Measure Children’s Body Temperature?

The best device is the digital electronic thermometer as it is easy to use, economical, and highly reliable. Infrared thermometers, which come into contact with the skin or have a pointer that allows remote use, are also fine. However, they have a rather high cost. In any case, the infrared ear thermometer is not the best because it gives unreliable results if inexperienced people use it.

Where to Measure Your Child’s Temperature?

The best place is in the armpit.  Measuring under the tongue is not ideal. Numerous factors, such as the intake of hot or cold food can influence it. It also requires the child’s cooperation.

You shouldn’t take the rectal measurement because it is too invasive and uncomfortable for the baby. It is also potentially harmful because it can cause injury and transfer bacteria from person to person if not cleaned properly.

Where to Find Professional Digital Thermometers?

On Amazon, you can find the best items, your favorite beauty products, and everything you need to take care of your baby. For your family’s safety, you can buy one of the professional digital thermometers on the market. Consult a medic to guide you in choosing the best.

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