How Do I Know if I Have Electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitivity affects millions of people across the globe. If not taken seriously by everyone, this condition can be very debilitating for those who are victims of it. It is indeed difficult for them to escape the electromagnetic waves present absolutely everywhere.

How to recognize electrosensitivity? How to protect yourself?

The effects of waves on health

The effects of electromagnetic waves on our health are still poorly understood, especially in the long term. Some studies reveal the risks of brain cancer, weakening of male fertility, miscarriages …

The studies are controversial because the conclusions sometimes differ widely. When in doubt, the WHO classified electromagnetic waves as potentially carcinogenic in 2011. Health agencies impose certain rules on manufacturers to protect users, especially the youngest.

But beyond the medium and long-term consequences, some are already unable to withstand electromagnetic waves in the short term. The feeling of being exposed to waves triggers one or more symptoms and we speak of electrosensitivity.

Signs of electrosensitivity

The clinical signs of electrosensitivity are difficult to study. Indeed, nothing has been proven by scientific studies. This does not mean, however, that electrosensitivity does not exist, just that we do not understand how it works.

The most commonly reported symptoms are tinnitus, migraines, fatigue, tingling in the hands. Some patients report sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depressive disorders.electrosensitivity

If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, especially after using your cell phone, you may be suffering from electrosensitivity.

While there is currently no treatment for electrosensitivity, the WHO encourages doctors to take this phenomenon very seriously and treat the symptoms that result from it.

So don’t hesitate to turn to your doctor if you suffer from any of these symptoms that you associate with electromagnetic waves. It might help you manage the signs, but you should also think about the cause of these ailments.

Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves

First, use the hands-free kit as often as possible. Indeed, moving your mobile phone as far as possible from your head is the first reflex to take.

Also, try not to keep it in your pants or jacket pocket. The goal is really to put as much distance as possible between your body and the device.

Choose phones with the lowest SAR, which guarantee lower exposure. Do not use your phone when the network is bad because it emits a lot more waves to try to connect to the antenna.

For children, phone use needs to be even more controlled. Beyond electromagnetic waves, such screens can have negative effects on their development.

You can also try to equip yourself with anti-radiation devices. Different objects exist cell phone patch, stones with absorbent properties, clothing lined with metal fibers… It’s up to you to make your choice according to what seems most suitable to you.

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