How to Easily Cancel Sending an Email in Gmail After Clicking the Send Button

One of the benefits of email is instant message delivery. However, this convenience sometimes comes at the expense of inconvenience. Once an email has been sent, it cannot be returned. Sometimes this can lead to problems if an incomplete message is sent or sent to the wrong recipients. Fortunately, Gmail allows you to quickly and efficiently not only send emails but also cancel sending. This function can be used in the web client of the computer and on mobile devices.

How to Easily cancel sending an email in Gmail after clicking the Send buttonrecall emails

1. Configure email cancellation options

At one time, to activate this functionality, it was necessary to enable the ” Cancel sending ” option. But now Google has made it a standard feature of the Gmail service. However, it’s still best to check your settings to ensure they are in the correct state. To do this: Log in to Gmail with your account. In the upper right corner, click on the gear icon. In the drop-down menu, select “All settings.”

There are many special features in this settings menu that you can activate and customize Gmail to suit your needs. On the General tab, pay attention to the Cancel Submission section. Here you can quickly set the length of time for canceling the send. It is possible to do this 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after pressing the Send button.

For those who are worried about the possibility of sending an incorrect email, it is better to set the time period for cancellation to at least 10 seconds. This will increase your sense of security. Still, five seconds may not be enough to realize the mistake and press the “Cancel ” button. Having finished working with this menu, you need to go to the very bottom of the “Settings” section and click “Save changes.”

It is worth remembering that an e-mail may appear in the recipient’s inbox and be there while the sender has the “Cancel” option active. If you press this button quickly, the letter will disappear from the mailbox. Otherwise, they may start reading it. Therefore, it is important to act quickly.

2. Send a test email

After setting the time for canceling a sent message, it is advisable to test this feature. Press the ” Write ” button and write a letter to yourself (to your e-mail address from which you are writing). Click the blue ” Submit ” button to submit. Look in the lower-left corner of the Gmail window. There will be a notification about sending: ” Letter sent .” The coveted ” Undo ” option will be placed next to it.

If you wait for the time specified in point 1, this item will disappear, and the letter will not be returned. If it is difficult to determine how long it takes to complete an action, you can experiment with the settings, choose different intervals, and evaluate them in your practice.

After selecting the “Cancel ” option, the message “Sending canceled ” appears in the lower-left corner, after which the message editing screen will open in the state immediately before sending. This makes it possible to change the contents of a message or sender before re-sending. After the cancellation of sending the letter, all time limits for working on it are canceled. You can delete it altogether and start working on a new document.

How to cancel sending an email to Gmail on iOS or Android

When using the official Gmail app for iOS (link) and Android (link), canceling a sent email is very easy and doesn’t require any settings or options. Immediately after sending the email, a cancel button will appear at the bottom of the screen. By clicking it, you will be able to cancel the process.

But this button is displayed for only a few seconds, after which the process will become irreversible. As with the web client, it is recommended to test this function based on a test email. So it will be clear how exactly it works and whether you can rely on it.

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