Listen to Voice Messages on WhatsApp Before Sending Them

Since  WhatsApp introduced the voice messaging function, it has become more and more popular with users. So you can not only write text , but also record and send WhatsApp voice recordings. There is a trick you can use to listen to the voice recordings before they are sent.

The  voice recording on WhatsApp is a practical function if you don’t feel like typing using the keyboard. Tap and hold on the microphone next to the messenger input field to record and send the voice message. You can listen to the message before sending it.

Listen to voice messages before sending them. Here is how to go about it.

1. Update WhatsApp on iPhone

Make sure that you have the latest version installed on your iPhone.

2. Start WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and select the chat you want to send one or more voice messages to.

3. Tap the Record Button till a Padlock Appears

Tap on the microphone (record button) to the right of the input field. You can hold it down while recording or you can drag it up until the lock appears. Now you can hands-free recordings of a WhatsApp voice message.

4. Listen to the Voice Message

WhatsApp voice noteWhen you ‘re done recording your voice or while recording, tap the contact’s name or profile picture at the topNow go back again.
You can see the finished voice message below. Tap on the player button and listen to the message. If that is OK, you can then send.

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