PlayStation 5 Unboxing: Here is What it Contains

Not sure if you should buy the new PlayStation 5? Don’t worry. Here, we bring you all the details about what the box contains when purchasing the new Sony console.

What’s in the PlayStation 5 Box? 

When you uncover your new PlayStation 5, you will, of course, come across the console. You should note that there are two versions: one with a BluRay reader and another without it, with which you can only play games with a digital license or with subscriptions. The approximate storage of the console is 825 GB, and there is no option, so far, to increase it.

You will also find a remote, known as DualSense, which has a value of $67 in stores like Amazon, and that you will have to buy an additional one if you want to play with a friend.

On the other hand, it has a high-speed HDMI v2.1 cable, which is recommended to have the best gaming experience since it is compatible with 4k definition at 120 Hz, also supporting 8k. It also has a power cord, where it should be noted that its power supply is internal, and you will not struggle with an eliminator that takes up more space. Complementing the package, it has the user manuals, a base to place the console horizontally, and a USB cable to charge the controller.

What games does the PlayStation 5 have? 

The PlayStation 5, both in its standard and digital versions, has Astro’s PlayRoom installed, a platform that will allow you to explore four worlds and test the new and versatile functions of DualSense, the PS5 controller. If you want another title, like the new Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you will have to access your PlayStation digital store or request the title of your choice.

What ports does the PlayStation 5 have? 

On the back, it has two UBS 3.0 ports, the Ethernet port to connect your console to the network via cable. There is also the HDMI port and the input for power. At the front, on the other hand, it has a USB type A port to connect the DualSense, a USB type C, like the power button, and in the case of the standard version (with BluRay reader), it has the button to eject the inbox.

How much does the PlayStation cost? 

If you want the standard version, with a BluRay reader, you will have to pay $499.99. The digital edition is priced at $399.99.

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