Rapper Will.i.am Unveils XuperMask, a Smart Protective Mask

The famous rapper Will.i.am – one of the founders and leader of the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas, together with American company Honeywell, which produces electronic control and automation systems, presented a high-tech protective mask, XUPERMASK.

This ergonomic mask has a silicone face seal and an adjustable elastic strap. This allows it to adapt to different face shapes while being highly durable, which in turn allows year-round use of the mask in all climates.xupermask

XUPERMASK is equipped with two 3-speed fans and HEPA filters, as well as built-in wireless (Bluetooth 5.0) active noise canceling headphones with microphone, LED lighting, magnetic headphone dock, etc.

The declared operating time of the XUPERMASK mask is 7 hours. It will go on sale in two sizes and in two colors – black and white. All options will be priced at $ 299.

For the above price, in addition to the mask itself, buyers will also receive a special carrying case, a three-month supply of HEPA filters, earplugs for headphones of various sizes, a USB Type-C charging cable and a regular sheet mask.

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