Slow Internet: Here’s What to Do to Fix the Problem

Are you trying to access an Internet site, but the page loads very slowly? Every time you try to access a web page, does the browser take several seconds to completely load the content of the page? You have come across the article that is right for you. In fact, in the next paragraphs, I will explain everything you need to do when the Internet is slow.

Slow internet is a rather frustrating problem, spending a lot of time waiting for the web page to fully load, as well as drastically slowing down your workflow can be really nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, this slowdown can be caused by various factors, so to try to solve the problem you have to go by trial and error, carrying out a series of procedures capable of identifying and solving the malfunction in a short time.

So, if you are having this type of problem, I recommend that you wait a little longer and read the following paragraphs carefully.

What to do when the internet is slow and web pages don’t load

As previously written, when the web pages do not load, to understand the cause of the problem and eventually fix it you will have to go by trial and error. Therefore, I suggest that you perform the procedures described below in the order in which they are reported.

Make sure the site is working properly

If you are trying to access a particular website, make sure that it works properly. In fact, it may happen that the problem does not depend on your computer or your connection, but simply the server hosting the website may have temporary problems.

To check that the site is working correctly, access this web page, type the site address in the search field at the top, and press ENTER.

Obviously, this procedure is only suitable if you have problems with a particular site, but if the internet is slow on all web pages I suggest you continue reading this article.

Disable the Proxy

The proxy server guarantees a high level of security and privacy, however, if not configured correctly, it can dramatically slow down the connection. So, if the internet is slow and you are using a Proxy server, I recommend that you disable the latter and try to access the desired web page again.

Test the connection

Check your connection speed by running an online test. To do this, I recommend using the site.

If you notice that the connection is too slow, I suggest you contact your Internet provider and ask for an explanation, you will see that in a short time the customer service will be able to solve the problem.

Restart your computer and modem/router

A simple restart of the PC and the modem/router could solve the problem in no time. After restarting the computer and the network device, test the connection speed again.

Change web browser

If you have already restarted your PC and the modem / router and the connection test does not show any problems, try changing your web browser. If you are using Microsoft Edge, please install Google Chrome or Firefox.

Check system load and network load

Internet may be slow due to high system or network load, to check these levels use the “Task Manager” tool .

  • WIN + X keyboard presses ;
  • Click on the item “Task manager” ;
  • Select the “Performance” tab ;
  • Check the percentage of CPU, memory and network utilization.

If the usage is very high, close all running programs, even those in the background, and then close all open browser tabs.

If the load continues to be high run a scan with antivirus and a good antimalware.

Clear the DNS cache

The DNS cache can slow down the web pages you visit often, in this case to solve the problem you just need to clear the cache using the Command Prompt.

  • Open the Command Prompt, to do so type “cmd” in the Windows search field and then click on the first result or press ENTER . Alternatively, click on the Start button, open the “Windows System” folder and then click on the “Command Prompt” item ;
  • In the Prompt window type “ipconfing / flushdns” and press ENTER.

Change the DNS servers

Some DNS servers are quite slow or may have temporary problems, for this reason, if you have not yet managed to solve the problem I recommend that you change the DNS servers.

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