The 5 Best 4K TVs of 2021

Fans of movie and television series are unanimous: good picture quality is essential. Thus, many have adopted the 4K television, a model that incorporates one of the latest technologies in image resolution. The image is then very sharp and bright. In addition, this resolution is compatible with many streaming platforms such as Netflix for example. Many models of 4K TV are now available in the market at an affordable price. Discover our comparison guide, based on tests and consumer reviews, to find the best 4K TV.

What is a 4K TV?

4K TV is a type of television that incorporates advanced picture resolution technology. It is sometimes referred to as UHD or Ultra High Definition TV. It offers a resolution of approximately 8 million pixels. On average, 4K televisions have 4 times more pixels than traditional Full HD televisions. 4K resolution provides an exceptional viewing experience with no limits of distance from the device.

Advantages and Areas of Application

4K TV offers viewers an exceptional viewing experience and comfort. Luckily, 4K content is becoming more prevalent. Television channels are starting to broadcast sports competitions and compatible fiction programs.

Also, video platforms like YouTube or streaming sites like Netflix, have been offering 4K content for a few years.

4K technology brings finesse to the image which, even if it is shown on a large screen, is not altered. Many traditional TV brands now offer 4K models. While prices were initially high, today they tend to fall.

What types of 4K TV are there?

The flat 4K TV

The flat 4K TV looks like a traditional TV. There are many sizes of televisions. The one that is most often found is the 43-inch dimension.

The curved 4K TV

As the name suggests, the curved-shaped 4K TV screen is curved slightly inward. According to some manufacturers, this shape allows better immersion in the image by reproducing the panoramic effect of cinema screens. In addition, the screen would be less sensitive to glare.

The Best 4K TVs 2021

Our comparative test is based on consumer reviews. After studying the features of many devices, we have selected the 5 best 4K TVs for you.


The LG OLED55C9 4K television wins the award for best 4K TV according to our comparison of consumer reviews. This high-end television has a 55-inch screen. It works with an ALPHA 9 Gen 2 processor. Its AI Picture and AI Brightness systems provide exceptional image quality. Sound side, you will not be disappointed with its quality. Its Dolby Atmos and AI Sound systems immerse you in your program.

This SMART TV (webOS 4.5) works with a “magic remote”, ie you can use voice control.

Reviews received after consumer testing:


  • Installation is easy
  • Very good moving image resolution
  • The remote control is intuitive


  • The instructions are difficult to understand

We again find the LG brand on the second step of the podium with the LG OLED55B8 4K televisionIts 55-inch screen has infinite contrast. Its Blade Slim Design outline offers you an immersive image and an HDR Cinema image rendering with Dolby vision.

In addition, this TV runs an intelligent A7 processor. With this Smart TV, it becomes easy to access your favorite streaming applications.

Reviews received after consumer testing:

  • The contrasts are marked
  • It is possible to “zoom” the image
  • Global immersive experience


The TV SAMSUNG UE55RU7400 offers an expression of detailed color. This TV optimizes contrast and renders HDR content with an image at a billion shades of color.

Whether you are watching a TV or a series, you will not miss any detail, whether in bright scenes or in darker scenes thanks to the Dynamic Crystal Color system.

Reviews received after consumer testing:


  • The screen is not sensitive to glare
  • The picture is bright
  • The TV is very easy to use


  • The remote control is not very intuitive

4. Samsung TV UE43RU7170USamsung TV UE43RU7170U

The Samsung TV UE43RU7170U has a 43 inch screen. This Smart TV connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and allows you to quickly access streaming sites.

It also has a Bluetooth connection. Very easy to use, it is possible to use your smartphone to replace certain functions of the remote control.

Reviews received after consumer testing:


  • Very good picture quality
  • The sound is of good quality
  • Good connectivity


  • The remote control does not have voice commands

5. LG 43UM7400LG 43UM7400

The LG 43UM7400 4K TV has a 43-inch screen. It offers 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to easily connect your devices. The Ultra HD 4K format provides exceptional image quality so you can fully immerse yourself in your programs.

If this TV is efficient on the image side, it is also on the sound side with its Ultra Surround system. Also, thanks to its webOS 4.5 Smart TV connectivity, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series from a button on your remote control.

Reviews received after consumer testing:


  • Contrast and colors are very good
  • Connection to multiple devices is possible
  • Installation is simple


  • The TV stand does not tilt

The criteria for buying a 4K TV

Screen size

The choice of screen size is often the first criterion for buying a television according to our comparative test. There are now large models of displays at an affordable price.

The most popular screen size, and the one recommended by experts for 4K technology, is the 55-inch dimension. This is indeed the best screen size to take full advantage of 4K technology.

We also advise you to choose the size of your 4K television according to the space you have. Thus, for a 55-inch TV, the recommended setback distance is 2.10 meters.

The type of slab

The choice of the panel partly determines the quality of the image but also the visual comfort. Among the most widely used technologies are LCD and LED. The least expensive technology, but which nevertheless offers very good brightness, is the LCD . For better contrast and a better viewing angle, LED technology will be preferred.


Many televisions now offer features to provide a better experience for users. Among the most present features are: the possibility of connecting other electronic devices, wireless connectivity, integrated applications (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video) or even the playback of various external storage media.

We recommend that you opt for a television with at least 2 HDMI ports, ideally a USB port and a digital audio output, at least.

However, it is important to take your needs and habits into account when choosing the best features.


With the growing demand for connected objects, many 4K TVs now have Wi-Fi connectivity, known as SMART TVs. Some even have an operating system similar to your smartphone!

This makes it easy to connect to the Internet and access video streaming applications such as Youtube, Amazon Prime Video or even Netflix in order to fully enjoy 4K content .

Often, 4K TVs come with a voice-activated remote control for easy navigation. Some televisions are even compatible with smart speakers like Google Assistant for example.

Alternatives to a 4K TV

The 4K TV is the best device for watching your programs with an immersive picture quality. The details are indeed very precise, especially in the movements.

However, there are also 8K TVs that take the realism of images to the next level. However, these television models are still not very accessible to individuals and expensive.

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