These are the Diseases You Can Get When You Take Excess Coffee

In many regions, one of the most popular drinks, especially in the morning, is coffee. Thanks to its caffeine content, it provides energy that helps activate the brain and body, sharpens concentration, and can even improve mood, effects that although they can be beneficial, in excess could be counterproductive.

The consumption of coffee could have positive implications since it has been known that by taking it alone, that is, without sugar, creams, dairy products, or other additives, it can improve cardiovascular health. However, ironically, it could affect the heart if it is taken in excess or if it is prepared in the wrong way. For example, losing or gaining beverage

Diseases that excess coffee can cause


Caffeine blocks adenosine, which can decrease blood circulation in the brain’s blood vessels and thus contribute to improving migraine. However, the effect is not long-lasting, and if consumed in excess, a tolerance that far from stopping can encourage headaches.


This is one of the most popular ailments when drinking coffee in excess. So many people prefer drinking it in the morning to wake up. However, those who abuse their consumption may not perceive the stimulating effect caffeine has on adenosine, but it could cause drowsiness, interrupt natural sleep cycles, or prevent deep sleep.


Drinking coffee helps activate the brain and the body itself and even promotes the proper functioning of the metabolism; however, when taken in excess, functions in the body can be affected. An imbalance can begin that can lead to tiredness or fatigue.


One of the effects of caffeine is the increase in blood pressure. You can see this physically in stimulating the central nervous system. However, when it is taken in excess, vasoconstriction occurs that could affect the cardiovascular system, so it is advisable to drink coffee, except for people with blood pressure problems, but never abuse the drink.

Digestive problems

Coffee has laxative properties naturally, so its excessive consumption could cause digestive problems such as diarrhea. In addition to its excessive consumption, it also encourages acid production in the stomach, which could be counterproductive in people with gastritis, digestive problems, colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or other related conditions.

Heart problems

Although a study revealed that moderate coffee consumption could be good for cardiovascular health, it was also pointed out that drinking this beverage in excess can cause cardiovascular problems. It spikes the concentration of cholesterol in the blood due to the wrong way of preparing it.

According to experts, drinking French press, Turkish, or boiled coffee fails to trap its oily compound (cafestol). Cafestol encourages the increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.


Drinking too much coffee can be detrimental to bone health. Caffeine can affect the absorption of calcium in the intestine and accelerate its expulsion. That is why it can promote diseases such as osteoporosis.

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