Throat Discomfort: Origin of the Impression of Having Something Stuck

Throat discomfort! You clear your throat all day long because you have the feeling that something is stuck.

Drink water regularly to try to make the feeling of having a lump in your throat go away. You wonder what is the origin of this unpleasant sensation that you feel.

As we enter the winter period, you tell yourself that this feeling is perhaps due to the drop in temperatures. Although the sore throat is mild in most cases, treatment should not be neglected.

Whether the causes of this discomfort are psychological or physiological, it is important to understand what is happening to you.

Discover, thanks to our research, where can come to this persistent discomfort that prevents you from living serenely. We also give you the secrets on how to remedy this throat discomfort.

What is Globus Hystericus?

Do you know the “globus hystericus” is also called “hysterical globe,” “ Lump in the throat” or “knot in the throat”?

This is the medical term for that feeling of having something stuck in your throat… when there is nothing at all. Its cause is often psychological. However, when this discomfort persists, it becomes difficult to bear.

What are the different possible causes of throat discomfort?


It is the cause most often responsible for throat discomfort.

You know stress. You regularly experience a feeling of worry or anxiety. The reasons are various and numerous: work, family, health, money, television news …

If the cause is psychological, this anxiety sometimes causes physical reactions. And the list can be long: sleep disorders, stomach aches, palpitations, or even that feeling of a lump in the throat.

Anxiety attacks or spasmophilia are even extreme forms.

Strong emotion

When you are going through an intense event, your body reacts along with your brain.

Whether it’s an emotional moment or deep sadness, a surge of affection, or great pride, a powerful emotion often creates this feeling of having something stuck in the throat.

A stuck foreign body

We eat a variety of foods every day. Some of them can get stuck in our throats. A fishbone, a piece of crisps can quickly become annoying …

If sometimes eating breadcrumbs or coughing a little hard can dislodge the intruder, this is not always enough and the feeling of having something stuck can then become permanent.


Whether it is due to pollendust, or animal hair, allergy counts among its effects the irritation of the throat. Sometimes even swelling of it.

The most serious reaction to a food allergy is angioedema. This is a swelling in the face that can spread to the throat and larynx.

It is quickly recognizable and must, of course, be treated urgently.

Unhealthy lifestyle

When you smoke or drink, your throat is attacked by toxic substances from cigarettes or alcohol. One of the consequences is permanent discomfort that creates the reflex to clear your throat regularly. Alcohol abuse and smoking are triggers in many cancers, including throat cancer.

The environment

Present in the air we breathe, pollution has a significant impact on our breathing, and therefore on our throat.

During pollution peaks, fine particles can be very irritating to the mucous membranes or the eyes and cause throat discomfort.

The infection

A throat infection can be viral or bacterial. Laryngitis, pharyngitis, or even angina cause these unpleasant and sometimes painful inflammations.

GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease

Following a dysfunction of the upper part of the digestive tract, acid reflux from the stomach can sometimes cause this feeling of a lump in the throat.

This is called GERD. It can also cause a cough or difficulty swallowing, in addition to other symptoms directly related to reflux (heartburn, regurgitation, etc.)

The thyroid gland

This gland acts as a real regulator inside our body. If it is not performing as it should, it is getting fat.

This is called hyperthyroidism, commonly called “goiter.” In some cases, this goiter creates a feeling of suffocation, with a more swollen throat than usual.


Affecting more particularly frail elderly people, dysphagia causes this feeling of blockage in the throat when eating.

It is of organic or functional origin and can degenerate to the inability to swallow.

What should you do if you have throat discomfort?discomfort in throat

Throat discomfort as the only sensation

If you do not have other symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, weight loss due to swallowing difficulties, it is unlikely that the cause of this discomfort is physiological.

Perhaps it is time to analyze what anguishes you in your daily life.

What are the sources of stress and anxiety? How can you fix it?

There are many different ways to relax, unwind, or even let off steam. Whether playing sports, yoga, or meditation. You need to find a method that’s right for you to relieve this tension.

You should go for osteopathy sessions. And if the anxiety becomes really oppressive, then the unease is probably more ingrained in you. Psychological support is the first key to helping you overcome this discomfort and live better.

You have other symptoms

Most sore throats are easily treated. Local anesthetics or antiseptics resolve the problem within a few days.

But when symptoms persist beyond 8 to 10 days, it is advisable to consult your doctor. During the auscultation, he makes his diagnosis. He can prescribe additional examinations, and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist according to the results.

In summary

The human body is a machine that sometimes experiences some malfunctions.

When the cause of the discomfort in the throat is physical, proper treatment can cure you.

When the origin of this unpleasant feeling is psychological, it is up to you to find the effective means to make it disappear. Therapeutic and medical support is sometimes useful to help you in this process.

Either way, by successfully identifying the cause of this discomfort in your throat, you are on the road to recovery!

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