Top 12 Best Appetite Suppressant Foods

When you take breakfast before 7 am to get to work on time, from 10 am, you already want to have a snack. And again after lunch, around 3 p.m., when the colleague opposite slips on his third doughnut of the day. Sometimes the urge returns even around 6 p.m. And when we still have a ton of things to do before going home, it’s hard to hold back and wait for dinner. That is where appetite suppressant foods can come in handy.

Rather than plunging your hand into a packet of candy or making yourself butter and cheese sandwiches, we recommend certain foods to fight against little cravings. We give you the top 12 of the best appetite suppressant foods that can help you deal with such cravings.

Our TOP 12 Best Appetite Suppressants

  1. Water – Nothing could be simpler. Drinking water will fill your stomach without giving it any calories. And if you don’t feel like drinking 2 liters of water a day, then slip in some fruit to give it a fruity taste. Otherwise, opt for tea (preferably green).
  2. Konjac –This tuber comes straight from Japan. It has low sugar and but rich in fiber. The perfect combo. And its little secret: Konjac contains glucomannan, which swells on contact with water in the stomach.
  3. 0% cottage cheese has few calories and is filling enough to be taken as an appetite suppressant.
  4. Apple – Everyone says it is the classic appetite suppressant. An apple is a low-calorie fruit that swells on contact with water.
  5. Almonds – But beware, the almond may not be the appetite suppressant to prioritize if you are on a diet. More than a handful of 7-10 almonds a day would have you bloating in no time. For a good reason: almonds are very rich in protein.
  6. An Egg- Preferably eaten hard, or as an omelet, adding a single yolk and several whites. Egg white, very low in calories, is the perfect food to fight against cravings.
  7. A Banana – It is rich in fiber and low in calories. Even less when it is still pale yellow and not speckled. The banana could not be more nourishing and brings an immediate feeling of satiety.
  8. Soup – or even better: broth. Ideal for staving off your hunger since, in the end, you only swallow water… with vegetables. Even better if the vegetables are in pieces. By chewing, your brain will feel like it is eating and, therefore, will quickly be full.
  9. Raw vegetables – They are low in fat, high in water and fiber, and quickly fill the stomach. Carrot sticks, cucumber, or pieces of raw cauliflower… but without adding any sauce!
  10. Potatoes – Rich in fiber and slow sugars, it swells in the stomach and fills it. Feeling of satiety for 4 hours guaranteed!
  11. Dark Chocolate – Not the tablet… just a square or two. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content cuts hunger and reduces stress without making you fat.
  12. The Dublin lawyer can satiate the stomach for 3 to 6 hours thanks to its high fiber concentration.

However, appetite suppressants should not replace a meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are important, and skipping them will disrupt eating behavior. These foods should be taken as a snack or as a dessert.

How to Avoid Cravings?managing appetite

Appetite suppressant tablets or pills can sometimes be harmful to your health. So to avoid snacking throughout the day, we opt for simple and natural solutions.

Chew More

To avoid having the urge to eat again two hours after leaving the table, the secret is to chew well. Today, many quickly swallow a sandwich between two dates. Or take micro-breaks in front of the computer. Everything is swallowed up in a slingshot. Fatal mistake. At the table, between bites, resting your fork can be a good way to take your time and to chew more. So the brain will be aware of the amount swallowed and will be full at the right time.

Eat Satisfying Meals

You have to take a meal that will satiate. Adding a simple meatball with a spoonful of mash will not be enough for the body to last all day. We favor vegetables rich in fiber, which will promote the feeling of satiety. Beans, lentils, chickpeas… the list is long (and healthy!). On the meat side, we prefer chicken or veal. And we do not forget the dessert: yogurt, fruit, or a piece of cake for the greediest. Be careful so as not to succumb to the cravings of the day: we do not skip any meal.

Eat at Fixed Times

The body is a real internal clock. So if we shift it, it becomes complicated. To avoid snacking cravings, it is advisable to eat at fixed times and remain as regular as possible. The digestive system will then get used to the amount of food eaten and the meal times and will no longer even think about eating out.

Drink as Much as Possible

Whether it’s water, fruity water, tea, or broth, the rule of thumb for not snacking is to drink. The drink will fill the stomach, which will feel full. And if it is full, then it will have no reason to cry famine. The best is still to keep in front of either a gourd or a filled cup to drink as you go.

After a few hours, if the craving persists and becomes disabling, then have a small snack. The ideas are to be drawn from our Top 12 of the best appetite suppressant foods.

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