Top 3 Tools to Download Videos From Twitter

Twitter is one of the best and popular social networking platforms. Thousands of tweets containing media in the form of photos, videos, and GIFs are shared on this platform daily. How do you download videos that caught your attention on Twitter to your phone or computer? Classic keyboard shortcuts don’t work here, and the operation may turn out to be more complicated than it first appears. Here are three online tools that will make your job a lot easier.


twitter video downloader

As the name indicates, DownloadTwitterVideo is quick and easy to use online utility. All you need to do is paste the URL of the tweet that contains the video in the box provided. One click and the download begins.

To find the URL of a tweet, just open it and click on the Share button next to the like button. Then go to “copy link to tweet.” The link will automatically be copied to clipboard.

SaveTweetVidTwitter Video Downloader

This second tool is also easy to use and works perfectly. Copy and then paste the link of the tweet containing the video. You will then be able to choose the quality of the video you wish to download on your device in mp4 format. By the way, SaveTweetVid tells you the size of each file to allow you to make an informed choice. The tool also allows you to recover only an mp3 file with the soundtrack.

TWDOWNTwDown downloader

Another simple and super fast tool to download a video in a tweet. Like the two previous options, Twdown only needs the URL of the tweet containing the video to be able to work. It also lets you choose the quality in which you want to recover the video on your mobile phone or computer. Like SaveTweetVid it also offers the possibility of creating an mp3 file from the soundtrack of the video.

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