Truth Social: Donald Trump’s New Social Network Now Available on iOS

After being expelled from Twitter and many other social networks, Donald Trump now has a place on the internet where he can speak calmly without fear of being ‘banned’. Of course, it is Truth Social, a platform created by the former US president himself.

Trump had been announcing the launch of his social network for some time, and last Sunday, it was finally officially published for iPhone and other iOS devices. Truth Social has been available since midnight on Sunday, and today, Monday, it is already the most downloaded free app on the App Store.

Truth Social is so successful that there is a waiting list

Given the application’s success, many users are having problems registering or are being added to a queue with the message: “Due to high demand, we have put you in our queue”.

Regardless of whether this saturation is real or a marketing technique, the truth is that just one day after its launch, the app has already been updated to version 1.0.1 to “fix bugs”.

On the other hand, Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and the main visible head behind Truth Social, has begun encouraging users of the social network to follow other accounts, share photos, videos and participate in conversations to increase activity on the platform.

A social network similar to Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter was Trump’s favorite social network, and Truth Social seems to have many similarities to the Little Blue Bird platform. We would be facing a social network where people can post short comments, follow other users and upload photos, videos, etc. Come on, what has been Twitter but with a slight facelift, as we can see in the screenshots below.Donald Trump New social media app

There is also a web version of the application, which you can access through your browser at, although you will get a server error if you access it from outside the US.

Truth Social Access denied
Access Denied: The page is only available in the US.

Resident users who access from the United States or use a VPN connection will find a welcome page to leave their email to sign up for the waiting list.

You can also read a large message that says “Follow the Truth”, alluding to Truth Social is a social network that “promotes an open, free and honest global conversation without discriminating political ideology.”Truth Social App

Donald Trump was expelled from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in early 2021 for inciting violence during the famous January 6th 2021 riots.

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