Weight Loss: How to Avoid the Loss of Muscle Mass?

Losing weight comes down to refining the silhouette, and therefore removing fat from the body. Who does not dream of having a normal and attractive build? Recovering the line often simultaneously involves losing muscle. Which is more frustrating than a fat body. Losing weight while maintaining muscle mass is difficult, but possible.

Fill up on protein: to avoid losing muscle 

It may be that a follower of thinness has an adequate intake of protein. So he’s not suffering from protein deficiency, but his muscle mass is probably tending to melt away. To prevent such a phenomenon from occurring, it is advisable to increase the amount of protein that we get every day. Filling up on protein means eating mostly crustaceans, shellfish, and fish. Shrimps, crabs, langoustines, lobsters, squid, lobster, herring… these are an ideal source of protein. Red meats and white meats are among the foods packed with a good dose of protein. Other protein foods are milk and dairy products, mushrooms, and eggs.

Play sports: to prevent the loss of muscle mass

The second good solution to lose weight without losing muscle is to play sports. Despite the effectiveness of this or that anti-cellulite diet, physical or sports activities are the only ones that can allow lasting weight loss. Of course, they help keep muscle mass. Simple activities like gardening, crafts, and cleaning build up mass. To ensure good muscle mass gain, it is advantageous to practice sports activities themselves. HIIT or cardio training is at the top of the list; strength training exercises are also concerned.exercise muscle mass

Indulge in stretching, a good method to keep muscle

Stretching is a sports discipline that involves avoiding the muscles of the body. This sporting practice immediately has health benefits. It gives rise to good respiratory function. The better the respiratory system works, the better the brain is oxygenated. A brain with a good dose of oxygen promotes basic metabolism. This boosts motivation, motivation to practice strength training for example. Stretching stretches muscles and therefore helps maintain muscle mass.

Practice dancing, a way to keep muscle mass

The reason for dancing is not only to bring joy to those who practice it. There are fitness centers in which dancing is part of fitness. The most famous type of dance for losing weight is Zumba. Some centers dedicated to slimming are dedicated only to Zumba; they, therefore, do not have weight machines. Zumba instructors learn about Zumba for melting body fat. Besides Zumba, all other types of dance can help you lose weight without losing muscle. Any dance moves and makes the fatty masses disappear.

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