WhatsApp Pay: How to Pay from the App

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and used instant messaging apps around the world. This is demonstrated every year with the increase of its users. For example, in 2018, it had around 1.5 billion users, and, at the beginning of 2020, it had already exceeded 2 billion registered users. Their numbers are clearly on the rise.

Furthermore, since the acquisition by Facebook in 2014, we have seen many improvements in its functionality. This includes integration with Facebook’s own services and apps. Regarding the outstanding features, it is important to mention Facebook Pay (payments through Facebook).

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp has included the functionality of sending or receiving money from the same application. It is now an ideal alternative to make mobile payments. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp Pay uses the infrastructure of Facebook Pay services.

In South America, Brazil was the first country where testing began. It has become a notorious success story due to its acceptance and good performance. Currently, WhatsApp Pay is available for personal use and also for small businesses. The payment service was recently rolled out in India.


How does WhatsApp Pay Work?

In the application, WhatsApp added a new item, “Payments,” where the information of the type of payment could be configured. Users must register their credit or debit card. They should also confirm this information with a Facebook Pay PIN.

At the end of the configuration of the means of payment, users will be able to pay amounts to other people or companies, which will be directly reflected in their bank accounts.

Will they Charge Payment Fees?

From the beginning, WhatsApp has made it clear they will charge no commission to users who use their accounts personally. There will be a commission on transactions in the case of businesses.

Expect this feature in your country in the coming months.

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