Why Can’t I Install APK Apps on My Android Mobile? – Final solution

It may have happened more than once that during your attempts to install an application through Google Play, it announced an error, so you decide to use the APK as an ace up your sleeve.

But, has it ever happened to you that your mobile device does not allow the installation of this extension? Every day there are more complaints regarding this small problem, which is nothing more than internal equipment configurations.

That is why, despite so many errors, APKs are still our great alternative when the Android store does not satisfy our needs. So if you need to solve this permission problem to install the application of your choice, continue reading this article to learn a little more about it.

Do you know what an APK format file is?

The APK extension is nothing more than the file format representing the applications, or more specifically, their installers.APK files

You can download these extensions through the device stores, but they do not store them. On the contrary, if the user decides to download it through the browser or transfer it from the PC to the device, it will be saved within the computer.

Therefore, you only have to occupy yourself to execute the installer task and enjoy the program you want to have on your computer or device.

Why is the APK installation not allowed?

Whether you want to start it on a mobile device or open it through an emulator on your own computer, most of the time, the system of both can announce that there is a failure while trying to complete the installation.

That is why we will propose the infinite number of possibilities that may be preventing the action you want to perform through this post. This will allow you to modify the settings based on the situation that most closely resembles yours.

The mobile device does not allow the installation of unknown files

When the APK extensions were released, their use was intended to reconfigure the parameters on which the system of Android devices was raised, so each computer keeps them locked by default.APK apps

That is why to try to install this type of file. It is necessary to reconfigure the parameters established by the Android system.

Go to the “Settings” section. Look for the section that indicates Security. You can activate or “Enable” the option.” Allow to install applications of unknown origin.”You can write the name of the option inside from the magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen.

Once you activate this setting, go back to the space where the APK is stored. Try to start it again so that you can see how the application is installed successfully.

The file is corrupt

In case you are trying to update your applications through this extension, and even if the permissions are enabled, the installation does not proceed, there may be various reasons why the system does not allow the APK to be processed.

If for any reason the file is corrupt, or you suspect that it is the reason the installation does not occur, it should not be a cause for much concern.

A corrupted file means that there was a connection failure. This could be through the Internet connection that did not allow the correct APK download. It can also be due to a problem during the transfer from the computer to the computer.

To solve this question, all you have to do is start the file download again. Make sure that it happens normally. You should then move the extension again or click on it to process it.

Once you complete the entire procedure, you can enjoy the application or update the one on your device. Bear in mind that you will easily achieve any problem that may occur to you in the future. It is possible with these extensions.

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